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Chunky and Sexy

indian emeralds, cultured fresh water pearls, sterling silver, heishi indian emerald gemstones La Esmeralda India-SOLD Call For Pricing
sterling silver, necklace, turquoise, gold plated over sterling silver, red corals Carrie Facinante-SOLD Call For Pricing
amethyst, gold plated over sterling silver, quartz, cultured fresh water pearl sticks Leah Angelical $285.00
lapis lazuri, blue quartz, rainbow drusy, sterling silver, tourmaline, gemstones Paris Fascinate $405.00
sterling silver, tiger's-eye, citrine, smoky quartz, charm Zoe Organica-sold Call For Pricing
onyx, sterling silver, smoky quartz, grey cultured fresh water pearls, black and red Swarovski crystals, gray coin shells Paige Fina $145.00
sterling silver, cameo, black mother of pearl, cameo carved in black mother of pearl, white cultured fresh water pearls, copper beads, sterling silver beads. Camila Bella $195.00
rhyolite, garnet, colonial jasper, sterling silver, swarovski crystals, sterling silver. Elizabeth Escultural $194.00
Sterling silver, rose quartz, amethyst, amethyst crystals, gray cultured fresh water pearls, swarovski crystals. Chelsie Sublime $197.00
onyx, amethyst, smoky quartz, labradorite, sterling silver, white crystals, white glass Abril Divertida-SOLD Call For Pricing
Peggy Elegante Peggy Elegante-SOLD Call For Pricing
Nadeshda tear-drop $165.00
Sterling Silver, turquoise, cultured fresh water Pearl, amber Ana Lucia $145.00
sterling silver, moukaite jasper, topaz, carnelian Brittney Maravillosa-SOLD Call For Pricing
sterling silver, jasper, garnet, pink cultered fresh water pearl, cultured fresh water pearls Dayna Encantadora-SOLD $255.00
necklace, sterling silver, beads, cultured fresh water pearls, pearls. blue quartz, labrodorite Brooke Celestial-SOLD $215.00
sterling silver, rhodochrosite, pink cultured fresh water pearl, citrine, cultured fresh water pearls, onyx, swarovski crystals Ingrid Gorgeous-SOLD Call For Pricing
Sterling silver, sterling silver blister pearl, blister pearl, bronze pearls, white pearl, green pearl, wine pearls, onyx, cultured fresh water pearls coins Patrice Espectacular-SOLD $255.00
blue quarzt, sterling silver, drusy, blue druzy Ivana Resplandeciente-SOLD Call For Pricing
pyrite gemstones, onyx, heishi pyrite, smoky quartz, sterling silver Charlotte Radiante-SOLD Call For Pricing
amethyst, cultured fresh water pearls, sterling silver, necklace Lila Sensible-SOLD $307.00
sterling silver, onyx,  red coral, Swarovski crystals Tati Dazzling-SOLD Call For Pricing
Antonieta Esbelta-SOLD Call For Pricing
Sexy Gabriela-SOLD $175.00
Sterling Silver, turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, cultured fresh water Pearls Martha Stylish-SOLD Call For Pricing
red tiger's-eye, garnet, gemstones, smoky quartz, sterling silver, bronze cultured fresh water pearls Emma Classy-SOLD $175.00
necklace, sterling silver, fresh water pearls Madison Admirable-SOLD Call For Pricing
Carola Clasica-SOLD Call For Pricing
sterling silver, necklace, ruby in zoisite, hot pink quartz, onyx, gemstones Mary Magnificent-SOLD $335.00
Liliana Esplendida Liliana Esplendida-SOLD Call For Pricing