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About Ericka

Ericka O'Donnell is the designer of COMPLEMENTOS Fine Art Jewelry. She was born in the beautiful country of Ecuador in Latin America and lived there for 20 years. She have made her home in the United States. Ericka studied communications. She was also a professional singer and dancer. Shortly after moving to America she realized she needed to start a new personal and professional life. She began performing in music and dance in Saratoga Springs, where she lives. Ericka participated in First Night Saratoga and in Latin festivals. She also taught ballet and Latin dance part-time in a well-known school of dance in Saratoga Springs. Ericka is currently the owner, choreographer and artistic Director of "Adagio School of Dance" founded in 2013.    

It is the artistic personality in Ericka that has led her to jewelry design. She says, "When I make jewelry, I feel like I am performing again; when I finish a piece I accomplish a piece of art.

Ericka's inspiration started 7 years ago at her first jewelry party. The response by all was positive and encouraging. She says, "This is not just a business for me, this is an expression of art because I put my heart in every piece that I create. I love to please people, I love to complement women's outfits with a unique piece of jewelry, but what I enjoy the most is making women feel beautiful and helping them realize they are beautiful". It is exciting when women realize that jewelry is not just for a certain kind of person with a standard figure or look. It is for everybody because every women is gorgeous just the way they are with the right clothes and articles of jewelry.

Ericka decided to introduce to the US the beautiful oyster shell named the Spiny oyster or Espondilus in Spanish. This is a beautiful, exotic, and very meaningful oyster in Ecuador. This oyster plays a big part in the history of my country and reminds me of the pride I have in my heritage," states Ericka.

"Thank you for visiting my website. My goal is to meet your expectations for originality with unique pieces of jewelry. My customers believe in my art and have contributed to the success of Complementos Fine Art Jewelry. I will always appreciate that. Have fun shopping!"

God Bless You! Ericka